Our website presents you with powerful, user-friendly tools to organise your financial needs with ease, all by yourself. With our service, you can take charge of your financial demands from the convenience of your home, office or while on move.

You can now find the best possible deal for the service you need within a few minutes, without wasting time and energy shopping around.

Aboundnet was born with an idea of having transparency and convenient access to financial services in the New Zealand market. Like many New Zealanders, we believe in community support, cooperation, and simplicity in every aspect of life.

In the financial services industry each market player is involved with helping people to accomplish their financial goals. We believe people deserve better and more efficient services and we’re set on challenging the traditional method of doing business in this market.

It means we are bringing all resources together on a single platform to create an amazing experience for buyers, seller and distributors to save time and money for everybody.

At aboundnet, we are putting ourselves should be at centre to lend a helping hand to every single key player of the market to improve the quality of services. This is all based on an online marketplace for financial services in New Zealand with some DIY tools for buyers who feel confident to make their own decisions without having a professional advice

However we also cover those who need a professional advice with a database of third party financial advisers to browse through.

We come with years of experience in financial services and understanding of the market and customer’s needs. We are committed to make Aboundnet an awesome platform for organising loans, insurance and other banking products hassle free. We believe in making things simpler and accessible to everybody.

We have set our sight to the future where we can reduce the time and cost of shopping around in the market. New Zealanders deserve to have all information on a single platform to make efficient and quick financial decisions.

We do deep background work for collecting relevant information for people to help them organise their finances on the go. The time has come to change the way we do financial services business and make it easier for each market participant especially for buyers. Let’s make it happen together!

Disclaimer:We don’t act as or on behalf of a financial advisor, this web platform is solely meant for collecting information from different sources and publishing it together at a single platform to help kiwis to save their time and cost of shopping around for financial service’s needs. Anybody seeking expert advice needs to consult a professional financial advisor prior to making any decision. We update this website on basis of best of our work and knowledge; however we don’t guarantee accuracy and correctness of any content on this website. In case of a doubt about our services, please read full Terms and Conditions of our website.

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